Q5 was one of two double deck AEC Q types ordered by London Transport's Country department in 1934. The Weymann bodies had a central entrance with doors, and a central staircase.

This model has been made using a Corgi OOC Q double decker.

Modifications needed included blocking off front entrance and adding centre one, lowering the bottom deck windows, changing the window layout, constructing new seating etc. for each deck. Plus the front profile had to be modified.

Window frames removed, centre entrance cut out, bottom deck windows lowered. Modified seating in place for test-fit.

Front entrance filled. Extra mouldings and beading added.

New window frames

 New destination equipment added. Also added side vent panelling above lower deck windows. 

Same for rear and offside.

Window frames added, plus staircase panel.

New seating complete with moquette.

 Completed model

The real Q5 when new
Similar donor model

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